VIP INSIDER ACCESS: Buyer’s & Seller’s Tool Kit

Get FREE Insider Access to the Best Tools, Reports and Resources! Get instant access to all of the tools, property information and resources on this site by filling in the form on the right of the page. Start exploring the real estate landscape and instantly access our exclusive library of special reports and resources. We […]

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Sunday Tour of Homes

You Can View 6 Homes in One Afternoon! Our Tour of Homes is a great way to get an overview of what homes and features are available in your price range, and a quick and easy way to preview several homes in a couple of hours without any pressure or hassle. Here’s how it works: […]

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Homebuyers: How to Save Thousands of Dollars When You Buy

Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form on this page. Two primary considerations are top of mind for most homebuyers when they start looking for a home. First, you want to find a home that perfectly matches your needs and desires, and secondly, you want to buy for the best price possible. Some common […]

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Get Your $5,000 Home Purchase Savings Guarantee

If you’re like most homebuyers, you have two key goals:  1. To buy a home that is a perfect match for your wants and needs, and2. To buy that home for the lowest possible price With our $5,000 Home Purchase Savings Guarantee, we can help you accomplish both of these goals. Here’s how it works: […]

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Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Real Estate Closing?

You do if you answer NO to any of the following questions: • Do you trust the other parties involved not to take advantage of you? • Do you understand the Contract provisions? • Do you understand your inspection rights? • Can you negotiate your repair credits? • Do you have a fiduciary relationship with your […]

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Our Homes for Sale

Get an exclusive list of homes we have active on the market. Also, you will receive alerts on properties that haven’t been listed yet or coming soon. It’s what we call our VIP Home Buyer’s List and you’ll get exclusive access to everything we have to offer.  Fill out the form now to get access […]

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Open House Schedule

Come and visit us this weekend! A great way to get an overview of what homes and features are available in your price range Most buyers can determine very quickly whether or not they’re interested in a home they’ve looked at, and our well-organized and efficient Open Houses are a much more convenient and productive […]

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No Money Down Hotlist

Get your copy by completing the form on this page. Coming up with an adequate down payment is perceived to be an insurmountable barrier for many who wish to buy a home. You may feel it’s too difficult to break into the housing market because you think you require $10,000, $20,000 or even more for […]

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10 Secrets Every New Home Buyer Should Know

Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form on this page. Most homes on the market are resales, but one out of four homebuyers chooses to purchase a new home. Which is the right choice for you: an existing home or a brand new one? Of course the answer to that question depends on you, […]

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