Give Me 30 Seconds and We’ll Change Lives Together…

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April 2020 Tom Brown

Give Me a 30 Seconds and We’ll Change Lives Together…

Welcome to the month of April. By the time you are reading this, you will be deep into it. That means I can’t play any April Fool jokes on you. Never been a fan of those anyway.

COVID-19 has proven its far from being an April Fools joke. We all wish it were. In case you missed our adjustments to better help customers during this time, here they are:

We are here for YOU!

Our hearts go out to everyone that has been impacted by this pandemic. There are a lot of unknowns, and your health, and safety is our #1 priority. The real estate market is strong with many buying and selling real estate right now- if you are curious about rates, want market updates, or need support- We are here!

Buyer and Seller Consultations

To help you maintain social distancing, our team offers virtual Buyer and Seller consultations with Google Video Conferencing for our clients who prefer this to in-person meetings

Buyers: Viewing Homes

We are still available to show properties in most cases. In addition, we can facilitate most home showings virtually to support social distancing via calling us at 805-331-7590 or can send you a video walk-through. 

Seller: Safety & Virtual Experience

Our in-house marketing team is committed to showcasing your property virtually. Walk through videos of all our listings and the communities will be created. We also have a virtual brochure for all properties. For those that want to see the home in person, we are enforcing strict health and financial vetting criteria.page1image62162048page1image62162240page1image62162432page1image62162624

Digital OFFERS and Closings

As a technology enabled real estate team, we can provide a digital, paperless offers, so buyers don’t have to leave the safety or comfort of their home to submit an offer. Our lenders and settlement partners are adjusting to changes to ensure the process is smooth and keeps your health as our top priority!

Bottom line, we are still here and working to positively impact customers and the community!

If you are receiving Homeward Bound for the first time, you will notice our core belief of helping those in our community who need help the most. Like the homeless people in our community!

Just down the street from where I’m typing, Partners in Housing Solutions has a full house of homeless people with many fighting to return to their normal lives. And that is no April Fools joking matter.

As you may know Partners in Housing Solutions does leading edge work in helping homeless people to retain and secure permanent housing. They have housed over 500 people in Santa Barbara County (People in our community). Chances are your family or someone you know has benefitted from the great work they do.

Most don’t know though that PIHS is a non-profit. They depend on sponsorships and donations to provide their lifesaving work and keep families warm and together with a roof over their heads.

This year, we are on a mission to raise $10,000 for Partners in Housing Solutions, We do this by donating to them a portion of our income from homes we sell.

So, when you or anyone you buy or sells the place they call home with us, we deliver on our exclusive guarantees and award-winning service AND a very worthy cause benefits as well.

The reason for the headline is because 30 seconds is about all it takes to think about who you know that may be considering buying or selling the place they call home and to give us a call. If it is you, then awesome! If it’s a friend or family member, that’s great too!

Thank you in advance for your referrals! My number is 805-331-7590.

Over the decades of helping hundreds and hundreds of families sell or buy the place they call home, we have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people. We are so grateful. Thank you for reading over this month’s Homeward Bound and thank you for referring anyone you know considering buying or selling to my team. They will be in good hands and a very worthy cause will benefit as well.

Go Serve Big!!!
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Real Estate


P.S. I copied and pasted the story enclosed from PIHS website. It tells the story of the great work PIHS is doing better than me.

Average Monthly Rent for a Studio Is Up $400 Since 2013

Median rents for a studio along the South Coast went up from $1,495 a month as of last April to $1,553 a month as of this April. Going back five years, the price was $1,150. For five years prior to that, it was $1,020. These numbers were compiled by housing specialists with the County of Santa Barbara who culled housing ads to determine contemporary rental levels. For one-bedroom apartments, rents went from $1,750 to $2,253; for two bedrooms, they jumped from $2,550 to $2,701. For three- and four-unit rentals, however, the city survey found rents actually went down slightly.

Federal guidelines indicate that households should spend no more than one-third of income on housing. With this in mind, the City Hall survey concluded it would take an income of $62,125 to “afford” a studio, $90,125 for a one-bedroom, and $108,050 for a two-bedroom unit. The median income for people living in Santa Barbara County is $51,720.

A full-time worker earning minimum wage makes $22,880 per year.

The Challenge and the Solution

The Challenge:

  • Vacancy rates at less than 1% in Santa Barbara County
  • One of the most expensive counties to live in the state
  • Minimal government housing

    The Solution: To build and maintain a network of private landlords with trust at the core of these relationships, resulting in a private sector that is accessed and activated to show compassion to the less fortunate. By Partners in Housing Solutions on Jul 31, 2018 in News
    (by Nick Welsh, Reprinted from The Santa Barbara Independent, Thursday, May 24, 2018)
Tom Brown, Listing Agent